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Meet Daisy

The American shorthair
Jodi cathcart Parma
Daisy is 9 months old, she loves following our 3 dogs around to get their attention, she acts like she is a dog most of the time. I'm not sure she knows she's a cat lol.Daisy loves her sister Rosie, and prefers to cuddle with her when napping. Daisy plays with the water in the kitchen sink every morning, and has to dig in the liter box while I'm cleaning it, that has become a game to her. Daisy has a huge and loving personality!
9 Months
Daisy, crazy daisy, missy
Her sister, eating, sleeping and getting the dogs attention
Being kissed and the vacuum cleaner
Favorite Foods
Wet cat food, chicken, Tuna and fish
Favorite Pastimes
Running, playing with and chasing her sister Rosie, attacking feet, snuggling, sleeping, and playing with the water in the sink

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