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Meet Xena warrior princess

The America shorthair
Joseph Brockton
Black and white , mother died at birth , Ive brought her up 9 years , best behaved cat , no aggression , we spend every moment together/ tv , she sits on sink during morning hygiene, eats when I do , uses litter box when I use John ( placed in bathroom ) skilled self groomer why call her my pretty girl , got her 8 weeks old within 3 months killed 30 plus mice in my apartment always placing where my feet touched ground upon awakening. Never scratches furniture, even puked hairballs in litter box
Xena , sweety, pretty girl
Paw paste and freshly cooked chicken
Big treats , loud noises
Favorite Foods
Salmon chicken but likes wet dry raw all brands
Favorite Pastimes
Laser chasing , late night jogs around the apartment and napping

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