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Meet Buster

The Lilac pointe Siamese
Michelle Riverside CA
A male cat that is so calm yet can switch to tough guy if he can’t play with cats outside or run outside. Indoor cat only. He can hide and then appears fast so I call him Houdini. He wants to eat at the table at dinner time just like a human. Watches birds, ducks, peacocks & children playing at the window . When I say to him I love you he will start to purr . I say to myself he’s not human. He doesn’t miss a beat. Super smart cat and so blessed to have him.
Girl hair bands to collect then hide like a dog would do with a bone
Trash truck days, loud noises & windy days
Favorite Foods
Sheba, party mix treats, temptation treats
Favorite Pastimes
Likes to hide under bed then when I walk by he will jump out

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