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Meet Alfie and Ali

The Alfie: American Shorthair/Tabby Ali: American Shorthair/Blue Cream Diluted Tortoiseshell
Alfie and Ali are brother and sister. Their mom was rescued while giving birth to Alfie, Ali and 3 more kittens by Beth Stern.
Alfie: 1 year old Ali: 1 year old
Alfie: Alf Ali: Mouse
Alfie: Cuddling, Playing soccer with ball, and Waiting patiently Ali: Playing, Scratching, Biting, Catching light reflections
Alfie: Toothpaste, Car rides, and Scary things. Ali: Cuddling, being hugged, being held, loud noises
Favorite Foods
Alfie: Nature's Instinct Ali: Everything
Favorite Pastimes
Alfie: Cuddling Ali: Eating

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