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Meet Percy Finn

The Unknown
Alana Finn Armagh
Percy Pumpkin Finn is a rare find. She's quite a sassy character, a beautiful grey and white long haired dense coat with striking emerald green eyes, we think she must have been Royalty in a past life. Although still a mischievous kitten, she is very smart and the apple of our families eye, spoilt to the core with love and affection.
7 months
Pumpkin / Popcorn toes / Floofer
Attention, napping (snoring), getting brushed, playing with daisy the dog as well as Jessie, Tazzie and Fizz the cats.
Not getting enough attention.
Favorite Foods
Smoked Salmon, Whiskas, Dreamies and cat milk.
Favorite Pastimes
Begging for treats, being brushed, sleeping.

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