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Meet Meeko

The Tabby
Lenea Marietta
This hunky 15 pound kitty, Meeko, is the absolute sweetest! His mom is his favorite person in the whole world! He likes nibbling on her fingers when he’s sleepy. He also likes when Mom feeds him crunchy stuff or leaves her water glass out for him to knock over. His favorite toy is his green stuffed frog named Froggy- he isn’t afraid to fight over it.
Meeky Mouse, Meek
Chin scratches from Mom, licking water from the bathtub, looking at birds through the window
When Mom pays attention to anyone else, riding in the car, when Mom doesn’t get up early enough, having an empty food bowl
Favorite Foods
Asparagus, crackers, anything crunchy
Favorite Pastimes
Napping, playing with his stuffed frog and his sister, Patricia

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