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Meet Maximus & Claudia Sadri

The Persian Silver Chinchilla
Amy Sadri Frisco
Maximus & Claudia came to us from different breeders in CA when we were living in Orange County. Claudia’s mother is Midori the Miracle Fire kitty that survided the Tubbs fire but the entire house and all of her kitty family died. I am so happy she’s with us. Maximus came to use and is my Big Boy! So, thay are matching bookends and, generally, get along.
3, 2
String cheese & Nazook (an Armenian pastry); string cheese & watching birds
NOT being able to play with Laser toy (OCD) so, gone; baths & grooming, in general
Favorite Foods
Chicken and duck; string cheese; goat milk yogurt
Favorite Pastimes
Watching birds, sleeping, just generally happy kitties

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