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Meet Houdini

The Maine Coon
Maggie Stamper Winchester, ky
Houdini is an adventurer. She loves the outdoors in fall and summer but not so much in spring and winter. Her name is Houdini like Harry Houdini because she is great at disappearing acts , she gets into places and you have no idea how she even got there to begin with. She's definitely mysterious. She's goofy and definitely unique. After her adventures throughout the day.. she loves nothing more then to have a snack then to cuddle up in our warm comfty bed to rest for the night!
3 years old
Good ole outdoors, napping, playing in multiple sized boxes, admiring my fellow peers which happens to be birds and cuddle time!
Any paté foods, loud vehicle, storms, trash bags, dogs howling, any form of water at all, and being stuck indoors of a beautiful day.
Favorite Foods
Chicken, beef, salmon, sardines, white fish, crab meat.. A lot of seafoods. Every now and then I get a craving for vanilla yogurt.
Favorite Pastimes
Mousing is my favorite sport, and jumping from box to box.

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