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Meet Milly

The Domestic Short Haired
Sara Sterling
Very funny cat! We used to call her a dog. She is very sociable. Loves to sit in the hallway between all the bedrooms, loves to jump room to room in the morning, loves anything with a bell noise, will sit on your computer as you work, loves to catch rodents, enjoys eating her dinner the same time as we eat ours, likes cheese, has done random cartwheels as she’s run down the stairs.
Balloons, chasing chipmunks, her little fake squirrel, anything ball related
Vegetables (haha), watching out the window as we drove away in the car, water
Favorite Foods
Fancy Feast, turkey cold cuts
Favorite Pastimes
Jumping from room to room very loudly, playing outside, randomly doing twirls in the air, eating dinner with our family because she loved to be apart of us, playing with Christmas ornaments, chasing balloons

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