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Meet Olivia

The Abyssinian Mix
Cheryl Saint Paul
Olivia is the most amazing cat, she can jump to the top of doors and stand up on it. She is very lanky and has narrow paws so she can jump high and stand on anything that is two inches wide. She loves it! She adores being praised and having lots of playtime and attention. She's also very social and extremely smart! She watches me do things and then tries them herself. She figured out how to open every door in the kitchen. I had to install magnetic child proof locks. :) Life is not boring!
Livia, Goose Jr., Monkey
I like to challenge myself by playing with feathers on the end of poles, lots of high jumping!
Being moved when I'm super tired and I just got ultra comfy.
Favorite Foods
Pretty much anything fish, chicken, cheese, nom...nom...nom
Favorite Pastimes
I love climbing as high as I can go

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