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Meet Donna

The Domestic
Joshua Whims Royal Oak MI
Donna is an amazing, beautiful, and playful and sweet cat. She knows the exact time at 4PM exactly she will keep meowing until fed. Also at 6 AM exactly she jumps on the cat tree and meows at me until i get up and pet her and when i pet her she gets playful and grabs my hands and bites me fingers but in a playful way, it never hurts. She is loving and always lays on my lap. She loves me very much and I love her more than anything. We have a great bond and i am so lucky to have a cat like her.
Don Wan, Donnie bean, Honey, sweetie, pretty bear
Eating, company, Me, Sleeping with the other cat, laying on my lap, being pet behind the ear and playing with cat toys and light layers
Being ignored (if you ignore her she will follow you and scratch you), Sleeping without being cuddles or without the other cats company
Favorite Foods
Cat soft food, cat hard food, Cat treats, and addicted to the smell of ice cream but I never gave her any
Favorite Pastimes
Playing, Sleeping, Being pet, Eating and being with company

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