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Meet Ludo

The Tortitoise
Colleen Willis
Ludo is a delight! She always knows how to make me laugh, is a comic in her own time! Watches me blow dry my hair and likes to knock my hair brushes and combs off shelf...My husband rescued her from an incinerator, as a kitten trying to keep warm, bearing on one of the most brutal winters we had in a while. She was not friendly for many years and hid most of the time, but after gaining her trust she is one of the most loving, friendly kittys I've ever had....
Ludo darling, Pip
Sun Rays, sleeping in the sun and on Moms lap, greeting me and playtime when I get home from work
Being held against her will
Favorite Foods
Soft kitty treats
Favorite Pastimes
Chasing my watch's reflection in the sun

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