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Meet Ivan

The Orange Tabby
Amanda Stoney Creek
He is a very intelligent kitty cat as he knows when he is hungry and how much he should be fed and he always wants his cat litter cleaned, which is good of course. He is so adorable when he goes on his back and lets me rub his belly and he does it often. He has the cutest meow, it's like he is saying hello. :)
Pumpkin Man, Munchkin Man, Monkey Man, Mufasa Baby and my little Dumpling
to be groomed, his head pet softly, his ear scratched, near his tail scratched and meditation music/nature sounds
loud noises and angry people
Favorite Foods
crab, tuna, grilled chicken, and his metabolic food
Favorite Pastimes
watching birds and squirrels on the balcony, playing with his toys, looking outside and cuddling

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