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Meet Binx

The American shorthair
Amanda & Will Tuckerton, NJ
Binx has one of the best cat personalities in the world! He's a sweet boy and greets us each morning by the door with a loud GOOD MEOWNING. He patrols the house for any bugs or flies that may have come in throughout the day, he plays what we call his version of "fetch" by us throwing a ball and him pouncing on it, and every night while I shower, he sits on the sink with a towel under him for what we like to call his sauna time where he "steams his fur coat"!
Binkie, Peaky
Vanilla icecream, whip cream, cheesecake, and tomato sauce
Brushing his hair, trimming his nails, popcorn popping, the pizza delivery man
Favorite Foods
Rachel Ray's Nutrition beef and liver
Favorite Pastimes
Chasing bugs, hiding balls under the couch, playing in the bathtub with his toy mice,

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