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Meet Spifficana

The American shorthair (Standard Mackaral Tabby)
Marissa Boulder
Spifficana Is a sweet cat. Sadly at about a year old her old owners moved and left her behind. Well, we discovered her in our yard and welcomed her in as a wonderful family member. She will follow us even when we are running! We run to her food bowl and she will race us, to see who can arrive first. While we find it hard to believe her past owners didn't take her along - We enjoy her company and are so glad she chose us as her family.
6 (We got her when she was 1 year old as a stray)
Mimi, Spiffiy, and Meme our baby girl
Food, Being pet, Snorting
Other Cats
Favorite Foods
Wet cat food
Favorite Pastimes
Lounging in her own personal space

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