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Meet Positano & Ravello O.

The Snowshoe Cats
Elicia & Carl O. Was England, now SoCal, USA
Unlike other cats, Positano & Ravello love when their Meowmy brushes their teeth! She started doing this when they were little kittens and when they get their "at home kitty day spa session" by Meowmy it includes: their teeth cleaning, nails clipped, and the boys getting brushed very well ready to be photographed. They really love showing off for a camera or video too!
Posi & Ravi
Talking to each other & their owners, da bird feather teasing toys, lots of love & affection, other cat lovers
Dislikes: Not being let outside (But they are Indoor only kitty's due to coyotes being nearby!)
Favorite Foods
Duck or Chicken Instinct Wet Food, Royal Canin Oral Dentaire Dry Food, Greenies Dental Treats, Sardines with no bones = a real treat!
Favorite Pastimes
Chasing lizards

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