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Meet Ruari & Munchkin

The Maine Coon & Selkirk Rex (short hair)
Art & Rita March 70 Mile House, BC Canada
Ruari is a gentle giant who loves to curl up & sleep with the dogs. Munchkin is a bundle of energy who chases anything that moves. They both come when called and keep dad company everywhere he goes around the house. They are indoor cats.
4 & 2
Precious Boy & Munchie
Both love our 2 large dogs and playing in the water in the kitchen sink
R=being groomed. M=being locked out of "her" room (the spare bdrm) when we have guests.
Favorite Foods
Webbox Cat's Delight Tasty Sticks
Favorite Pastimes
R=playing with his sister. M=chasing bugs in screenroom

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