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Meet Judith Moon

The Siberian Forest Cat
Greta Mequon, WI
Judy Moon is a gluttonous, slothful, and vain purring machine who shamelessly seeks head scratches, tuna fish, dental treats, and excursions outside. She sassily holds her own with her poodle sisters and even sneaks up to pick a fight, only to play the victim. Though aloof, she is social and loyal, waiting at the window long past her bedtime for her mommy's car to return, eyelids at half mast. Although she does value her own beauty over anything, snuggling comes in at a close second.
Judy Lune
Mirror gazing, napping in window sills, sneaking up on her doggy sisters, plotting revenge, eating
Getting her nails clipped, when her mommy leaves
Favorite Foods
Chicken breast, tuna in gravy, freeze dried salmon
Favorite Pastimes
Watching soaps, quoting Thomas Aquinas, lounging torpidly

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