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Meet Cleopatra & Foxy Girl

The Cleopatra is a Tabby & Foxy Girl a bicolor short hair
Cheri Barnes Fort Lauderdale, Florida
I rescued Cleo 13 years ago when her mother abandoned her at 5 weeks old. I rescued Foxy girl on New Years Day 2018, I found her in my neighbors yard. It has taken almost a year now for Cleo to accept Foxy but it seems that she tolerates her now and even plays with her sometimes. I love them both very much! :)
Cleo is 13 years old & Foxy Girl is 11 months old
Cleo and Foxy
Cleo likes sleeping and catnip and Foxy likes looking out windows, playing and catnip
Cleo dislikes being held and Foxy dislikes being controlled in any way.
Favorite Foods
Cleo likes Kibble and treats & Foxy likes Chicken Pate and treats
Favorite Pastimes
Cleo loves eating & Foxy loves bullying Cleo

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