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Meet Collin

The Siamese Seal Point
Jasmine Brown Montreal
The newest addition to my family, meet Collin! He is a sweet little seal point. I am a young university student and new cat mom! I’ve had a Siamese when I was a little girl and loved her to bits! Now that I’m in university and have a big apartment I thought it was time to meet my companion. When I went to meet the Siamese cat breeder, she took out the kittens wrapped in blankets for me to hold. It was love at first sight. Collin chose me by looking up at me with his new big blue kitten eyes.
12 weeks old
Moussey, Moomoo , Collin , Babybutt
To lick my face, be in my arms when I’m walking around the house, loves his toys and sleeping on my chest at night.
When I don’t play wrestle with him or when I don’t give him some of my human food.
Favorite Foods
All human food haha, he tries. But all natural Boar kitten treats.
Favorite Pastimes
Playing fetch with his catnip banana

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