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Meet Aldy bear

The American shorthair
Anna dean Batesville
Aldy is the most unique cat ive ever had the pleasure of knowing.he is my soulmate.he has no tail at all, not even a tailbone.he learned to fetch at 5 weeks old.he had a twin brother that passed away a couple years ago.he likes to sit like a human and stare at you and its the cutest thing ever!!!!
Bubby,greasel,king pin
His mommy,his grandmother,boxes,catnip,his girlfriend cookie,stuffed animals,his blankie,sunlight
Other people,loud noises,being picked up,costumes,mens voices,storms,fleas
Favorite Foods
Tasty treasures, blue buffalo,rare steak
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping with his gorilla, yard play time, playing in bags/boxes,rolling in catnip,eating catgrass

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