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Meet Oxford

The Snowshoe
Kensie Mexico, MO

I adopted Oxford last April on the Miss America Day of Service. As Miss Missouri, I volunteered at a local animal shelter that day and fell in love with Oxford. I had no intention of adopting that day, but he stole my heart with his smart, funny disposition, blue eyes and white paws. I had recently been accepted to study at Oxford, so I named him after the school and his paws remind me of oxford shoes. Now, we live in LA and he is enjoying his very spoiled life. 

Kitty boy
Toy mice, his belly neck and ears rubbed, kisses, water
Strangers, the vacuum cleaner
Favorite Foods
Fancy Feast chicken and cheddar in gravy, Purina Natural food
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with water, hiding in brown grocery bags, playing with my feet under the covers, playing on his jungle gym, long naps in the sunshine, laying flat on his belly, watching my pet turtle

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