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Meet King Peanut Carney-Brown

The Of his own
Roy Brown Yonkers, NY
Peanut is absolutely the best pet I have ever had. He's almost human. He comes when you call him. He'll climb up on you & nuzzle all under your chin while purring his little butt off. He has no shame at all when it comes to sleeping. He is definitely of the male species. He sleeps on his back, legs spread wide open, jewels on display for the world to see....he's very proud of his equipment. I've had ALOT of pets in my lifetime but Peanut is my child. We're very proud of him.
8 months
Nut, P-Nutty, P
Sleeping, Eating, Supervising the daily cleaning of his litter box, using his just cleaned litter box, waiting for the front door or kitchen window to be opened so he can sneak outside and play with Scotty
Waking up from naps and having to come inside from playing outside
Favorite Foods
Friskies for Kittens, Ben & Jerry's Red Velvet Cake ice cream, Raspberry and Blackberry Noosa yogurt
Favorite Pastimes
Snuggling in bed with the family, jumping and holding on to Roy as he walks into the kitchen to feed him, playing outside

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