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Meet Oliver

The Norwegian Forest
Alyssa & Robert Dayton, OH
Oliver is an energetic, talkative, and loving cat. He is so playful, full or personality, and makes his owners laugh and heart's melt with his charming ways. You can find Ollie in a few spots around the house: laying in the bathtub, on his cat tree, or with his head on a pillow and under the blankets sleeping. Around Ollie, everything and anything is a toy and he will play with it, guaranteed.
4 months
Ollie, Ollie-Pop
Paper, his toys, naps, the bathtub, treats, blankets.
Lotions, the vacuum, spoons.
Favorite Foods
Sheba Perfect Portions, Blue Buffalo dry food
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with his toys, laying on his cat tree, sitting on the windowsill, playing in the bathtub, laying on a laptop (when its being used).

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