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Meet Onyx

The Domestic Longhair
Amanda Pointe-Claire
Onyx was rescued from Neglect & Cat Hoarders by a rescue group, “Cause for Paws” when he was just a young kitten. He was placed with a foster mother while waiting to be adopted. I adopted Onyx when he was only 6 months old. At first, he stayed hidden all day long. After 3 months, he became more trustful & warmed up to me. Today, Onyx is the most loving cat I’ve ever met but still won’t let anyone else touch him. He still hides when he’s afraid & generally enjoys hiding.
Loves his Mommy (me), Sitting in boxes, Catnip filled toys & little plastic spiral toys, Sitting in high places, Hiding behind the clothes in my closet, Scratch pads (with catnip sprinkled on it) & scratch posts, his little “ Cat Tree” (the Katt3 by BeOneBreed)
Strangers, Loud Noises, Winter, Being Chase, (usually by my Chihuahua, his little sister)
Favorite Foods
Seafood Flavoured Wet Food (Salmon is his fave), Greenie’s Dental Treats (Seafood Flavours, especially Salmon & Catnip Flavour), All Natural Cat Treats (Seafood flavours, especially Salmon) & Catnip
Favorite Pastimes
Hiding, Sunbathing, Sitting & Looking Outside

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