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Meet Peanut

The Domestic Shorthair
Susan Sturn Milwaukee
Peanut was brought to me when she was only 2 weeks old. She was tiny and her eyes were still closed. I nursed her night and day, but she was not thriving and almost died. She was brought back from the brink of death by the awesome vets at our local animal emergency hospital. She is my miracle baby and we share a very special bond. She is so filled with love and wisdom!
Miss Pinks and Pinkybutter
Cuddling with me on the couch and on my bed.
Her sister Starr when she is on my lap first.
Favorite Foods
She will eat anything, but she likes a food that is a mixture of chicken and fish the best.
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping on my heated throw blanket and watching the traffic channel on T.V.

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