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Meet Harley

The Short hair Tabby
Sandra Bushinski Redondo Beach, CA
Harley is a survivor of double entropic surgety last year, and a bout of pancreatitis this summer. On Christmas we found a lump. It's a tumor in her jaw and it's cancer. She has no idea she is sick. She's behaving the same doing the same things and not even knowing what her fate is soon. We are heartbroken beyond words. We raised her from a tiny baby with her little boyfriend Willie.... I just would love to have her featured as a memory of my beautiful loving perfect little angel.
Harley girl
RUNNING WATER! Belly rubs and being brushed
Getting medicines
Favorite Foods
Greenies, Science Diet
Favorite Pastimes
Sunning, drinking from tub, making biscuits, sitting on Daddys lap

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