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Meet Cattius Clay

The Moggie
Tallulah Stoke on Trent
Cass is such fun, he thinks he owns the street and manages to enter neighbours houses and is quite miffed when he gets kicked out. He's over 8 kilos ( not fat ) and got a massive bum when he sits down. he loves our feet and will wake his dad up by attacking them. When we are in the garden he will hide in the bushes, jump out and grab our legs and run back into the bushes, he reacts to our voices. we as humans are his toys and his life is one endless game.
21 months
Cassius the Magnificent
kisses, lying with his dad, the main road, going into strangers houses and cars, climbing on to the house roof
having water thrown at him by the neighbours if he enters their garden
Favorite Foods
anything meaty, bread for the birds
Favorite Pastimes
having fun, acting mad, scratching his dad to get attention, eating

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