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Meet Jamison

The Persian
Rachael Lewisville (Smash-Face Village or Jamison Town), TX
Blue raspberry and apple blow pops are like Jamison’s catnip! He will start running around sporadically and meowing, then do his little kitty roar, until he gets his turn to lick it. He has even swung his adorable lion paws at the stick, while the blow pop is in my mouth! The precious little guy wants his tongue to be blue too! He has been trained to "come," "sit," and "lay down," due to his love for blow pops and he has his own little container in the fridge, just to put his pops in.
1 year
Smash face, Jamisontown
Chasing ice cubes, being mischievous, & ensuring he’s in the middle of everything I do
Being ignored, when we forget to lift the blinds & Strawberry blow pops
Favorite Foods
Blue raspberry and green apple blow pops, natural salmon snacks, & the marshmallows from lucky charms
Favorite Pastimes
Sitting on the window sill to watch the birds and trees & napping

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