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Meet Faith and Joy

The sweet tiger & her biological sister The grey beauty tortie
michael & jeannette aka; dadda, mamma, daddy (dad), mommy NY
Faith is on the left and Joy, right. We had “just” brought them home in this photo. They R all grown up now and 10 years young and they asked that I show you there sweet little fluffy faces. You can meet them both today by typing “Joy and Faith” in the search tab. There mom like so many innocent cats was found abandoned and pregnant and then some nice folks took her in. Then these 2 sweet peas came along. For all those innocent abandoned cats out there.. your homes are coming. {love always}
10 weeks
so many.. let’s see.. baby, peanut, sweet pea, hunny bear, fay fee mah goo, joys ah bee, pumpkin (yea, they get confused lol)
now Faith if you notice under “pastimes” nothing has changed, my little fluff ball - laying on mommy’s head, chest, stomach, legs and feet. :) Daddy saying to Joy “here comes the wet willy” as he tries to slowly put his finger in her ear gently and she smacks while purring, lol, without a doubt joy being in kitty tunnels that crinkle and running like the wind threw it. They both enjoy looking out the windows at birds, chipmunks and squirrels out the window
joy sitting by the window not being able to get that bird, she will make a “awe” “awe” sound because she wants that bird. Faith will dash to the water fountain if her sister is there to long.
Favorite Foods
oh boy ..canned chicken or beef pate.. pretty much anything for kitties in a can that makes that loud sound when you open it. Let’s see; tiny crackers, spec of butter, more canned.
Favorite Pastimes
joy literally sprinting like a baby fawn and then ends up rolling down the carpet because her sister chased her. Faith laying on mommy’s head, chest, stomach, legs and feet :)

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