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Meet Stormy

The Russian Blue
Brianna Thornton Hobe Sound, Fl
Stormy was raised by her mother right after birth and was bottle-fed. She was primarily an outdoor cat in the beginning and had quite the reputation around town of being one tough broad. She has since retired to a life indoors where she has traded catching real mice for catching zzz's in the sunroom. She is kind and only fights when being picked on.
Storm-Trooper, Stormison
Playing with mom, when my siblings play with me, hearing my Dads voice when he comes home from work, my spot on the couch balancing on random objects.
Being picked on, being held when I am not in the mood.
Favorite Foods
Any human food I can get my hands on. Loves bananas.
Favorite Pastimes
Chasing my siblings, hiding in boxes and bags, handing out in the sunroom and watching tv.

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