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Meet Ziggy

The Bengal
Allie Baltimore
Hi! I'm Ziggy Stardust (Ziggy for short). I am extremely smart and energetic. I know some tricks and I follow my parents around as if they're my birth parents. I squeak and squeal and don't really meow like a normal cat, which seems to make me even cuter. My coat looks like a leopard's and I eat like a leopard too! I don't really mind things that other cats worry about, like the vacuum cleaner or loud noises. I am easy going and I will walk up to you to get scratched and kissed!
9 months
Zigster, Sprinkles, Puppy
His mom, breakfast time, dinner time, food time
Closed doors
Favorite Foods
Wet food, cheese, cooked meat
Favorite Pastimes
Squeaking, scratching a post, eating, running, jumping, hunting for toys

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