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Meet Vino

The Fabulous Rescue
Jaime Price Morphy Los Angeles, CA

My cat Vino was rescued off a road with 22 other kittens.  The lady who rescued them and was giving them away called him the uglier one. There is nothing ugly about my Cat Vino who has grown into my beloved cat.  He lived in LA for four years and traveled by plane to Columbus Ohio when we had our big move a year ago. He loves to play, freaked out the first time he saw snow, loves to nap and beg for treats. He's the best friend kitty anyone can have! 

ViVi, Bubba, Vino de Gato
Birds, Treats, Snuggling with Mom, Looking out the window
Car Rides
Favorite Foods
Fancy Feast
Favorite Pastimes
Playing fetch with his "fake" mices

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