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Meet Cleo

The Siberian Forest Cat
Elizabeth Santa Fe, NM
Cleo is a house cat. I love to hike and started bringing Cleo with me on visits to the forest about a year ago. She's become braver and our bond has strengthened on these adventures. She loves her adventure backpack and we alternate between time in the pack and walking on her leash on the trails. We've had a very snowy winter in Santa Fe National Forest and this year Cleo's had the chance to play in deep snow, which she loves. She's very photogenic and I post photos of her to my IG often.
1year 10months
Miss Cleo, Fluff-Puff Cleo
birds, climbing trees, cuddles, her cat backpack, playing
loud noises, aggressive dogs, being left alone, the vet
Favorite Foods
rotisserie chicken
Favorite Pastimes
adventuring in the forest, car rides, bird watching

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