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Meet Rita

The No breed
Linera Astana, Kazakhstan
We took Rita from our neighbours, as they were neglecting her. Actually those neighbours took her from other neighbours, who also abandoned her... We believe Rita treats one of our other cats (Phoelix, neutered) as her child, because Phoelix came to our house as a kitten while Rita was a grown-up mother-cat with her own kitties that time. Since then they kinda spend all the time together, playing, sleeping, she cleans him daily, specially his ears, so we don't have any problem with their ears.
Around 4-5
Just Rita
Attention, self-cleaning and cleaning our other cats
Vacuum cleaner, my uncle, our dog
Favorite Foods
Sausage and meat
Favorite Pastimes
Chasing me, watching out of the window, cleaning our other cats

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