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Meet Candy Bar

The Mix
Dellisa Flavius Puerto La Cruz Venezuela
Candy Bar is one of 61 cats that lives in our cat sanctuary. Candy Bar is in love with a cat whos name is Bradley Cooper. Candy&Bradley was adopted and later returned because the family was unable to feed them. Candy was diagnosed with Hermangiosarcoma cancerous tumor sadly we are waitinv for tje doctors to obtain tge chemo medicine needed to help her, her cancer was caught early so wif we find the he has a chance Our info. www.helpacat.org Fb : Help A Cat Instagram: @helpacattoday
Candy/ Dulce
Sitting on laps
People who gets up
Favorite Foods
Canned cat food. Tumor is growing in her mouth so hard stuff is difficult to eat.
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping on laps

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