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Meet Saoirse

The Russian Blue
Tawnya (I'm not her owner, I'm her Mom lol) Sacramento
Very plump, secretly a dog, made bowties a Thing™, my Moon and Stars/Light of my Life. Fun fact: She was adopted from the SPCA on her birthday, 12/23!
4 1/2
Sriracha, Baby, Sea Salt, Shih-sha, Seersh
Sleeping, self-grooming, racing to the window as soon as she hears a Cat Fight™, side-eyeing Mom from across the room, being an invisible obstacle in a dark walkway, being brushed, meowing relentlessly when (1) she wants to play and (2) when MY mom comes to give her treats, head scratches, ear massages, tummy rubs, fetch, scratching the carpet next to her post
Being woken up, interrupted grooming time, not being fed more, being held more than 10 seconds, claw clippings, when Mom doesn't put the food bowl down fast enough
Favorite Foods
Avocado, black grapes, salmon, cheese, mashed potatoes, egg
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, eating, playing, grooming Kallie (1yo kitten)

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