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Meet Clapton

The Maine Coon
Samantha Parick Washington, DC
Clapton is the coolest cat! Hard to believe I got my furry friend for FREE at a yard sale (10 years ago!) Clapton has taught me so many things, one being the importance of quality time. The more time you invest in getting to know your pet, the more meaningful your connection can be. Over these past 10 years, we know each other well. Clapton has seen me thru some sad times in life and he knows just what to do when I am sad. He has also protected me once when I was in danger (truly, remarkable).
Clappyton, Clappy
Being held, pet, treats
Loud voices, his stomach rubbed
Favorite Foods
Chicken nuggets, ice cream, bacon
Favorite Pastimes
Being brushed by pawpaw and sitting on mommoms lap

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