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Meet Eevee

The Short haired tabby
Shannon and Scott Coventry
Eevee is a short haired tabby, who loves to sit and play in the sink! She was adopted after her sister, Kairi was very porrly as she was neglected by her previous owners. Eevee cuddled her and taught her how to be a cat! Eevee loves to steal her mums socks and stash them in the house. She also has a heart marking on her leg :)
9 months
Vivi, Eeveecakes, Beevee, Eeveebeans
Cuddles, her sister Kairi, stealing socks, blankets, belly rubs
When the food bowls empty, anything orange scented!
Favorite Foods
Frazzle crisps and pom bears
Favorite Pastimes
Playing in the sink and stealing mum's socks

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