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Meet Bast

The Norwegian Forest Cat mix/Domestic long hair
Trine Mari Aavitsland Rana, Norway
Me, and my stray family of 8, were rescued from an old, shut down industrial site, only 4 weeks old. All of the cats got their forever homes within a few weeks! My mom, who had always wanted a cat, and had just finished cancer treatment, saw me in an ad, and immediately fell in love. So i was both rescued - and rescued a family in need at the same time! I moved in with my family, and we have thrived together ever since!! Feel free to hook me up at IG: @forestcatbast/ FB: @attpakattenbast
Attpåkatten Bast
My bowl, strings, cable ties, feathers and sticks
Strangers, noise,
Favorite Foods
Fresh fish (my dad loves fishing), raw meat, tuna, cheese
Favorite Pastimes
Hunting, leaving live or dead prey on the living room floor, playing, eating, sleeping, taking exceptional good care of my personal hygiene

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