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Meet Bitty

The Doll Face Persian
Judah Katz
Other than looking too cute. He has the cutest personality and temperament for a little boy. The most fun cat iv ever had and also likes to be sweet and snuggle with my arm around him with his paws over laid over my arm. He's a real daddies boy and I just love the lil'thing.
2 years when photo was taken.
Lil'boy, Mini, Bilny and Binny.... Oh yeah, and Baby Face Nelson
Coming in the bathroom when he hears the door open and hanging out. Getting patted on his back by his tail. Laying on his back with his paws folded looking cute. Laying on his belly with his right arm stretched out. Also likes reacing up and rubbing his paws on different surfaces.
Favorite Foods
fancy feast medleys & broths, loves hartz bisque, crunchy chicken treats that look like little drum sticks and licking melted vanilla ice cream off a spoon.
Favorite Pastimes
Playing chase with me. He'll sit and wait and then when i get close and can almost grab him he runs about 10 feet then waits again looking back at me to do it again. Also looking out the window and hanging out with his daddy and his Tonkinese cat brother Tooty.

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