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Meet Mush

The Magpie
Gemma pearce Neath
Fun loving boy. Always a kitten at heart. He loves playing with our baby girl. He came to us when he was 16 weeks old and i was 6 months pregnant. He made an instant connection to my little one before she was even born. He loves chasing toys and his tail. He does this cute thing where he begs for food. Strokes or for my little ones attention. He loves waiting for the post man to arrive with the pos. He loves waiting by my feet whilst cooking dinner and waiting for all the pieces of meat to fall.
Mr kitty
Being outdoors. Food and playing games as well as waiting for post to arrive.
Flea treatment and worming tablets and other cats
Favorite Foods
Felix, dreamies and whiskers
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with our little one

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