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Meet Caroline Lily

The Tabico
Chris and Liz Charlotte, North Carolina
On Monday June 24, 2019; We rescued this little one from the road side of Carolina Lily Lane. 3 hours, 2 Police Officers, 8 Firefighters, and 1 ripped apart Nissan Versa. We had our kitten. I will never know how to thank those who helped to save our little girl, but I am forever grateful. Caroline is a whopping 1.20lbs as of Friday June 28th, 2019, and appears to be very healthy according to the Vet. She’s eating and drinking well; and Loves to play and pounce. (Please Message for full story!)
5-6 weeks
Sweet Caroline
Eating, Cat Naps, Meowing, Playing and Pouncing with mom and dad!
The sound of running water. And loud noise that can’t be explored.
Favorite Foods
Blue Wilderness Kitten Wet food. Salmon and Chicken flavors!
Favorite Pastimes
Eating, Cat Naps, Playing, and Pouncing.

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