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Meet Cheeze Switzer Arnold

The Domestic shorthair
Leigh Ann Richardson Columbus,Ohio
I lived with my Mommy&16year old brother,Bill,until our Mommy passed away.Her devoted friend came to take both of us as she had promised our Mommy.Bill is living with a new Mommy in Pa.,and I had a dental then to a rescue to go up for adoption.Nobody looked at me because I was withdrawn&depressed.Then the friend who 1st took me came back &took me out of the rescue.She had found me a home where she knew I would be cherished.She kept her promise and Mommy is smiling from above.I am happy.
2 years
Cheeze Man,Cheezemeister,Cheezy Poof
Eating,smacking my brothers on the heads.I never hit my sister's.
Being awakened from a sun puddle nap for no reason
Favorite Foods
Friskies Meaty Bits Chicken Dinner in gravy,boiled REAL chicken
Favorite Pastimes
following Mommy,sleeping with my Drowsy doll Darby,napping with my Grandpa,looking out the front window on my window bed

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