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Meet Reiley

The Orange Tabby Cat
Amanda Parmley Sioux Falls SD
My name is Reiley. I was rescued from the Humane Society on May 11th, 2018. I had a fractured arm that I was still healing from at the time my owner picked me up. I am deaf but I am very very talkative. I love starting up a converstation. I may not be able to hear noises or sounds but that doesnt stop me what so ever. I am so sweet and cuddly and also very energetic and I love being around people and being the center of attention and snuggling! I love my human and snuggling her. Im a charmer!
Pumpkin Pie, OReiley
Being outdoors in the sun, playing with sticks and tree branches, car rides, treats, snuggles, his blankets and his humans.
Being outside if it's raining or snowing or cold, getting nails trimmed.
Favorite Foods
Anything with Gravy. Popcorn
Favorite Pastimes
Meeting our Peach faced lovebird for the first time and how gentle he was with the bird.

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