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Meet Hamish

The Cross British short-hair and rag doll
Sarah Dawkins Hayling Island
Hamish is an adorable little kitten - our own mini tiger! He loves to race about, just as much as he loves a good cuddle. He’s very mischievous and is enjoying going out into the big wide world with his older brother and sister! Hamish is so friendly and is always ready to meet new people, he’s good at getting people to shower him with love and attention - and he deserves it!!
5 months
Hammy, mashy, hamskie
Cuddles, napping and resting his head on your arm
Being left alone - even for a minute!
Favorite Foods
Chicken and anything else he can get his paws on!
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with his brother and sister, trying to steal food and being an adorable menace!

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