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Meet Ginger Marmalade Bradbury

The Turkish Angora
Isabella Bradbury Houston,TX

Ginger is adorable, affectionate. she loves to cuddle and play as well as sit, relax and be cute. She is a beautiful orange tabby turkish angoran ocicat. she has 2 siblings; Mylo and Celina. Ginger is the sweetest of the adorable feline trio and she loves people, and is playfull feline. you can never be bored when you are with her or any of the others. she is a happy cat with a sweet yet peppy atitude. she is a wonderful service cat. and everybody loves her. and she loves everbody.

6 mos
Playing with her siblings, snuggling, purring loudly
Favorite Foods
Origen dry or wet food; Instinct dry or wet food.
Favorite Pastimes

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