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Meet Aelin Elizabeth

The Domestic longhair
Anisette Ocala
She has a lot of personality! She spends most of her day chasing after her squeaky toy- Ginger The Giraffe- and napping in the weirdest positions. When she is awake, she harasses me to take her outside and give her soft food. If she’s not chasing Ginger, chirping by the front door or napping you can bet she’s over by her food bowl chowing down! She’s got an attitude twice her size and a lovable streak too cute not to indulge. She’ll sit and pose if you whip out your camera.
MeeMee, CheeChee, Sweets.
Cranberries, tuna, chicken, salmon, red meat, cherries, kidney beans, any squeaky toy, balls of yarn, scratching posts, Disney’s Zsums Zsums
Anything mint and bath time.
Favorite Foods
Blue Wildnerness Chicken and Salmon soft food, Wellness Kittles treats (every flavor!) Anything That humans eat.
Favorite Pastimes
Napping, chasing her toys, stealing my cranberries and licking wherever I kiss her.

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