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Meet Lynx

The Siberian
Duaa Milton
He is a brave survivor of many a tail-stepping because he blends into rugs but is ok because- He’s a Good Boy™️.
10 months
Skinny Legend, Fatboi, DUAATHECATGOTOUT.
Toys, food, attention, rugs, going nowhere very quickly, going outside, watching out the window, attention, being pet, attention, and lastly, attention.
Water, too much attention.
Favorite Foods
Treats. All the treats. Bugs.
Favorite Pastimes
Counting stars, dramatically collapsing into every rug he finds, valiantly fighting in the war against bugs that get indoors, coding for NASA, believing he is Good Doggo, living Sonic the Hedgehog’s GottaGoFast dreams, recreating artwork from the Louvre.

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