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Meet Baymax

The Siamese mix
Andy Victoria
The half-Siamese son of a barn cat, Baymax is a 2-year-old prince who certainly lives up to his namesake. He is the perfect healthcare companion, always ready with a snuggle and a kiss or two, whether you’re sick, hurt, or just feeling blue. I mean, who could say no to that face? He is full of spunk, moxie, and lots of love.
2 yrs
Prince, Sugarbean, Bay
Hugs, stealing straws, exploring the backyard, and any sort of running water.
The dog stealing fallen ice cubes and wayward treats, hot weather, the mailman.
Favorite Foods
Greenies treats, Hartz Squeeze-Ups, any kind of wet food!
Favorite Pastimes
lounging on the dog’s cage, walking across piano keys, sitting in front of the TV, climbing (and jumping from) the bookshelves, snuggling with his moms.

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